Silk Fiber (Walnut/Walnut)

Silk Fiber (Walnut/Walnut)

In ancient times, silk was not actually considered a luxury good. It’s a natural protein fiber and those used for textile manufacturing are most commonly acquired from moth caterpillars! This noble fabric was worn far and wide and continues to be used to make luxury garments and has even made its way into parachutes.

The playful elements and the noble combination of walnut wood and rose gold in our “Silk Fiber” are meant to remind one of the Silk Road’s valuable namesake.


  • Case: 36mm diameter, made of walnut wood and stainless steel in rose gold
  • Dial: Walnut wood with a fine grain
  • Movement: Quartz movement by Citizen
  • Band: Adjustable length, made of walnut wood and stainless steel in rose gold
  • Limited to 200 pieces

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