Spectral Necklace (White Nacre/Gold)

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NOW: Put some color in your day and discover our Spectral Jewelry Collection made from brilliant nacre. Acting fast is worth it - these pieces are available in limited amounts

More about the product

Did you know that white light is a mix of all spectral tonalities? Even when only the colors of the rainbow are perceived, the full spectrum encompasses the entirety of all hues and thereby every nuance that our eyes are able to discern.

Our necklace made from nacre and stainless steel should bring you closer to the miracle of the total spectrum. Enjoy the diversity of the world around you and appreciate the things that put some color in your day!


  • Size: 10x8.6mm
  • Length: 170-210mm (adjustable)
  • Material: 24k gold-plated 316L stainless steel and genuine white nacre
  • Waterproof

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