Every single day is a new beginning, which is why each day carries the possibility of becoming something really special :)

Named after the goddesses of Norse mythology, the 4 models of our Nordic Collection should serve as your personal timepiece and companion in daily life, and always enhance your boldness and self confidence - so that you can make the most out of every moment!

Mädchen mit Blumen

Together with our friend Corina, as well as our 4 watches Freya, Saga, Sif and Beyla, we headed out to contemplate which actions and activities make life so special and contribute to more courage and self confidence!

Please Smile

A good day definitely starts with a smile.

Lachendes Mädchen

Ideally, you keep it ready for any time of day :)
In this way you not only do yourself a favor, but also your fellow humans, bringing a good mood with you everywhere you go.

Style Up your Life!

Clothing makes happy!

Take a bit of time each day to find the ideal outfit!
Or consider which outfits you feel most comfortable in, where you can totally be yourself.

Once you’ve given it some thought, you can grab your favorite comfy outfit any time, without having to think about it again.

Whether it’s a dress, hat, sunglasses, or a piece of nature on your wrist -
wear that which gives you a good feeling or whatever you’re in the mood for.

With which piece of clothing or accessory do you feel most at ease?

Mädchen mit Hut und Brille

You are what you think - surround yourself with good thoughts

Your personality is defined by your daily thoughts.
So be aware and surround yourself with things that are good for you :) Take the time for reflection and learn from your actions in hindsight.

We personally love books and think that even a few pages can sweeten everyday life!
What do you think?

Uhr und Buch

Spend time with people you love

Try to surround yourself every day with people you love and who love you ;)
There’s nothing better than spending time with people who are good for you. That definitely strengthens your sense of wellbeing and provides for a few pleasurable hours.

Lachendes Mädchen

That’s why we’re going out into nature and doing photoshoots with friends like Corina.
This way we can spend a few valuable hours together and even snap a few good shots of our watches - connecting work and friendship at the same time.

With whom do you prefer to spend your day most and why?
If you have the time and feel like it, write a short message to your friends and let them know you’re thinking of them - it brings happiness :)

Generally, we find it’s the small moments and actions that bestow strength, self confidence and sweeten everyday life!

Photographer: WithLaurent
Model: Corina

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