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The Volcano Collection (45 mm)

The Volcano Collection

From Iceland to Hawaii to Mexico - there are more than 1500 active volcanoes worldwide that could deliver devastating destruction across their regions within minutes. The breathtaking natural scenery of erupting volcanoes triggers fear yet, excitement alike in us humans.

In similar fashion to the scorching mountains of planet Earth, our unique chronographic watches of the Volcano collection should astound you. The classic stainless steel case in combination with exquisite woods and striking rocks will remind you daily of the indescribable power of Mother Nature.

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The Memorial Collection (40 mm)

The Memorial Collection

The history of humankind is like a puzzle that is pieced together by the greatest qualities of our forefathers. The world that we know today is the result of the bravery and actions of the people who lived long before us.

Our Memorial collection made of exquisite woods and stones is dedicated to the exceptional people of the past. The ones who served through their courage and determination. The ones who have done extraordinary deeds and are therefore eternally infiltrated their names into the books of history!

Do you have the courage and the will to shape the future of the next generations? Take your Memorial timepiece with you on your journey to remember the heroes of the past and to draw strength from their courage!

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The Skyline Collection (42 mm)

The Skyline Collection

Prominent city-skylines can be thought of as boundaries between nature’s calm and the ceaseless activity of the urban jungle. Stately buildings by day and fascinating plays of light by night, each skyline imparts definition and singularity to its metropolis.

The watches in the Skyline collection will do the same for you with their elegant combinations of wood, stone, and stainless steel. In addition to a sub-dial displaying seconds, each model also offers a view to its automatic movement via windows in both the face and rear of the watch. Just keep moving and your watch will do the same — even without a battery.

Now you won't have to go deep into the woods to get a piece of nature.

The 4 Seasons Collection (40 mm)

The 4 Seasons Collection

Winter, spring, summer and autumn – a taste of the four seasons' diversity is captured in this collection. Every piece has something different to offer and we hope that each of these can remind you of those moments which stand out during the year.

These watches feature a classic design with 40 mm dials made of different types of wood or marble. Its universal size will fit every wrist and its style will fit every occasion.

The Camelot Collection (45 mm)

The Camelot Collection

Home to the fabled King Arthur, Camelot is the castle and court where he assembled the legendary Round Table, a round wooden piece of furniture which became a timeless symbol for for an equitable distribution of power.

The Knights of the Round Table are the inspiration for this unique collection featuring innovative interchangeable wood bezels. Each of the models in the collection offers the possibility to quickly modify the appearance of the watch to suit your style needs thanks to the interchangeable bezel system. The bezel itself and the interplay of high quality stainless steel and wood in the bracelet make these watches well-defined members of a handsome collection.

The Horizon Collection (45 mm)

The Horizon Collection

Ancient Greek astronomers used the words “horízōn (kuklos)", meaning ‘limiting (circle)’, when describing the limits of our visual perception of the Earth and the celestial bodies which surround it.

As a border between the sky and our earthly kingdoms, the horizon offers not only a view to incredible spectacles of nature, but also demonstrates the boundaries of our minds in that as your point of view shifts, so too will your horizon: a change in scenery is an opportunity to diverge from a routine perspective.

The impressive models of the Horizon collection can be your reminder that you must not venture far beyond your comfort zone in order to greatly change your perspective.

Broaden your horizon!

The Summit Collection (45 mm)

The Summit Collection

Fresh air, a panoramic view and the feeling of freedom: mountains will always fascinate and inspire human kind. Mythical mountain ranges are often the birthplace of legends with their seemingly boundless and unforgiving terrain. They have however, also become a premiere destination for recreation as more and more people escape from the modern world to bask in their majesty, conquer lofty peaks, and elevate themselves .

Named after some of Earth’s largest and most impressive mountains, this collection of four watches stands out with its 45 mm case and stylish dial design.

Every watch in the collection is a unique specimen for big wrists and brave summiteers!

The Nautic Collection (43 mm)

The Nautic Collection

Earth's final frontier— the depths of our planet's great oceans: magical underwater worlds show us flora and fauna in a completely different light. Massive coral reefs for example, are home to the most amazing displays of marine biodiversity and these incredible structures are formed by over several centuries, and some of them can even be seen from space.

Each model in this collection features a handsome nautical design and a combination of real wood and quality stainless steel to provide the wearer with what we hope to be an impressive reminder of these natural wonders.

The Cross Country Collection Wood (45 mm)

The Cross Country Collection Wood

Throughout history, mankind has turned to the forest as a source of raw materials. Forever a part of our history and cultural heritage, the woods have in recent times also become a place for rest and relaxation.

The eight wooden watches in this collection should serve as a daily reminder of the calm and tranquil parts of our forests, as well as one of the greatest ways to clear your mind: the cross-country run.

The Cross Country Collection Leather (45 mm)

The Cross Country Collection Leather

Throughout history, mankind has turned to the forest as a source of raw materials. Forever a part of our history and cultural heritage, the woods have in recent times also become a place for rest and relaxation.

The eight wooden watches in this collection should serve as a daily reminder of the calm and tranquil parts of our forests, as well as one of the greatest ways to clear your mind: the cross-country run.

The Vertex Collection (43 mm)

The Vertex Collection

Impressive views and pure thrills.
Inspired by the interplay between nature and man-made structures, our automatic watch models are inspired by some the most beautiful and impressive skywalks of the world.

Alluring vistas help us see the world through various perspectives, therefore get your own model from the Vertex collection now and view things differently.

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The Sundance Collection (40 mm)

The Sundance Collection

The new solar-powered watches in the Sundance Collection are Holzkern’s contribution to the narrowed gap between nature and modern technology and ideal companions for everyday life.

With an elegant, minimalistic design featuring elements of wood, marble, and 316L stainless steel, each of these distinct models are a tribute to the “great ball of fire” and the many incredible solar phenomena we are able to observe.

Refuel your very own piece of nature with the power of the sun and enjoy your time!

The Night Sky Collection (43 mm)

The Night Sky Collection

It has always managed to bring us under its spell. Scientists and philosophers sought to understand it, astronauts sought to explore it, astrologists connected us to it, and we all feel lost and found when gazing up into the endless night sky.

Featuring unique combinations of wood and stone, the Night Sky collection is a tribute to the impressive size and beauty of our galaxy.

The Highline Collection (42 mm)

The Highline Collection

Since antiquity, bridges have connected not only shores and riverbanks, but also people and cultures.

The watches in our Highline collection combine a top-notch design with distinctive dials. Seconds, minutes, hours, and days; let this watch remind you of the relationship between them.

The Terra Collection (40 mm)

The Terra Collection

The allure of the unknown is enough to draw people into the dark, silent, and vast unexplored depths underground. Despite the danger,  fascination and curiosity prevail—fear becomes excitement, strength, and joy.

With a modern design and a combination of metal, wood, and stone, our Terra collection serves as a token reminder of Earth’s most breathtaking caves with a high-contrast rounded dial symbolizing the transition into another world. These timepieces should remind you to boldly go into the unknown and discover yourself in the process.

Face the darkness and see the light!

The Citypark Collection (40 mm)

The Citypark Collection

One in search of a semblance of calm in even the densest metropolis can seek refuge in the oasis of a tranquil city park. The watch designs in the City Park collection lend a modern style with elements of urban areas to the wearer.

Named after some of the most beautiful city parks in the world, these eight, elegant timepieces feature 40mm dials made of wood or marble, 7 mm housings, and bezels in a variety of different colors all secured to your wrist with genuine nubuck leather.

The Surface Collection (40 mm)

The Surface Collection

Taking a step back and looking at the world with a new and curious attitude, always helps to realize how many uncharted and mysterious places are still left to be discovered. We are always surrounded by nature whether in parks, hectic cities or the wilderness. You can always find beauty in nature, no matter the place.

Enhanced by excellent stone dials - with our Surface collection - we want to remind you of the various unique surfaces that exist on our planet. We also want to encourage you to go beyond what can be seen and to practice gratitude regularly. Let the Surface timepieces join you on your adventure!

The City Trip Collection (42 mm)

The City Trip Collection

Break out of everyday life, discover the wonders of different cultures, and immerse yourself in another world—if only for a few days—with Holzkern's City Trip Collection.

Inspired by some of the most beautiful quarters of the world, our four new watches for men are reminiscent of their urban eponyms through a handsome combination of minimalist design elements.

The materials wood and marble are used throughout the watch construction, adding a distinct natural flair to the design sure to set it apart in a crowd.

The Radiance Collection (42 mm)

The Radiance Collection

Our brand-new collection – inspired by nature, powered by the sun and named after the electromagnetic spectrum.

These 4 new innovative watches convert solar energy into electricity by means of the solar cells integrated into their dials. The days of replacing batteries will soon be over.

A curved sapphire crystal adds a distinct touch to the aesthetic of these solar-powered time-keepers. Tell time with a true one-of-a-kind.

The Urban Style Collection (40 mm)

The Urban Style Collection

High above the city’s rooftops.
Stand out from the crowd.
Stay true to yourself.
Find your style.
Be unique.

Less is more with our urban style collection.
Focus on the essentials.
Be yourself!

The Modern Times Collection (41 mm)

The Modern Times Collection

Named after famous explorers of the modern era, this collection offers creative new designs and refreshing diversity. With a strong circular shape and a dual-layered dial made of hardwood and different types of marble, each one of these models a real eye-catcher.

Go forth on your next expedition with your favourite explorer!

The Hike Collection (42 mm)

The Hike Collection

Holzkern has always stood by the motto of “Take a break in nature!”. Our Hike collection, comprising of 4 unique models is dedicated to this credo.

Our elegant timepieces for men are named after some of the world’s most beautiful rural destinations. The minimalistic designs made of wood, stone and stainless steel, will remind you to take some time off whenever everyday life gets too stressful. With a curved, scratch-resistant sapphire glass, the look of these handsome watches is enhanced even more.

Find your daily companion and let your thoughts wander off to unknown spaces when beholding it.

The Steppe Collection (40 mm)

The Steppe Collection

In the temperate regions on both sides of the equator one can find a landform offering its visitors an uninterrupted view to the horizon in all four cardinal directions: The Steppes.

Scarce flora and seemingly endless planes form an environment free of distractions, allowing you to focus on yourself and be more sensitive to the things that really matter.

A mentality that the watches of this collection should remind you to keep throughout each hectic day with their minimalist design and slim case profile.

The True Colors Collection (40 mm)

The True Colors Collection

We are all the same - and yet everyone is different.
Each person is unique and captivates with their own talents and strengths.

With our watches made of colorful peacock feathers and natural woods, we want to celebrate the diversity within our society and encourage you to be the person you want to be.

Spend time with people you love.
Fill your day with things that bring you joy.
Boldly go as you are and make the world a bit more colorful 

The Classic Collection (42 mm)

The Classic Collection

Classical antiquity has been touted by some as an incredible period of social and cultural innovation in the Mediterranean region which was fundamental in the shaping of today's western civilizations. To quote Edgar Allen Poe, this era encapsulates "the glory that was Greece, and the grandeur that was Rome."

This was also a time where the artistic forms of human expression flourished, innovators were celebrated, and in which famous thinkers molded enduring world views. The exceptional raw materials and unique designs of our eight automatic watches, named after famous philosophers, should be a tribute to their fundamental contributions.

The Empire Collection (40 mm)

The Empire Collection

The Roman imperial era is most often characterized by constant power struggles and never-ending expansionist urges. However, it was also a time where peacemaking rulers fought for economic and social upswings.

We dedicate our Empire collection to these emperors. The unique materials of wood and stone, together with a classic design and high-quality stainless steel grant the models of this collection an imperial look, fitting for an emperor.

The Satellite Collection (42 mm)

The Satellite Collection

Sun, moon, and stars - the heavenly bodies have always exerted a special fascination on us humans and amazed us for centuries. Some even prayed and worshipped them as their gods.

Like Earth, all the other planets have one or even more moons to accompany and travel with them through the universe over their millions of years of existence.

Named after 4 well-known satellites, our watches impress with an innovative moon phase dial, revealing every day the moon and stars current position.

The Aviation Collection (43 mm)

The Aviation Collection

Mechanical wonders that take us soaring through the skies. In the past flying used to be a privilege only for the Gods, nowadays it is a common practice.

Flying had always fascinated humankind. Before we conquered the skies, our only means of taking off were through legends of mighty dragons, Leonardo Da Vinci’s early blueprints and the first airplane prototype.

Our chronographs made from exquisite woods and high-quality stainless steel are here to remind you to do the same as the pioneers of aviation. Spend your life flying high without any setbacks.

The Traces Collection (42 mm)

The Traces Collection

Back to the past. Humankind has always wanted to discover the secrets of earth’s history and therefore went in search of its tracks. The 4 models of our Traces collection are dedicated to some of the most important fossil sites in the world.

The classic design in conjunction with noble woods and 42mm cases, turn these timepieces into perfect companions for everyday life and should be your daily reminder of these historic places.

The Relic Collection (41 mm)

The Relic Collection

Scattered throughout the world, remnants from past ages tell the stories of ancient cultures and of our ancestors, giving us insight as to how we came to develop as a civilization.

With unique woods and artful placement of stainless steel, our 4 minimalistic models serve as a reminder of past relics, and to encourage you to grow from past experiences.

The Camino Collection (42 mm)

The Camino Collection

“Camino” is Spanish for path or trail and stands for not only the connection between two places, but much more!

Whoever sets out on a path far away from familiar places, will be rewarded with countless experiences: breathtaking landscapes, interesting people and unknown cultures. These are but a few of the building blocks of your new adventures.

Our 4 models, named after the world’s various paths, impress through their simplistic design made of wood and stone as well as their high-quality automatic movement. Get yourself and your watch moving and dare to take steps into the unknown.

The Roadtrip Collection (42 mm)

The Roadtrip Collection

An endless road melting into the horizon.

The sounds of your best playlist barely muffles the purr of your engine.

There is no precise destination—curiosity determines your path. Turn up the stereo and take yourself somewhere.

Named after a few of the most stunning routes in the world, the four models in the Road Trip collection feature an embossed diamond-patterned dial with two sub-dials.

Let this watch remind you of past adventures and inspire your future journeys.

The Cliffhanger Collection (42 mm)

The Cliffhanger Collection

In its own way, mother nature is creating unique rock formations and coastal sections with impressive cliffs through the sheer force of her elements. Formed over several millennia, those natural sculptures transform each landscape into something wonderfully unique and prove yet again that nature is the most patient of Earth's artists.

Our Cliffhanger collection is dedicated to those natural works of art and should remind one of the awesome elemental forces which led to their creation.

Grab onto the edge with your very own Cliffhanger.

The Urban Square Collection (42 mm)

The Urban Square Collection

It's no coincidence that at the heart of every great city is an urban plaza. A cultural hub and center of social interaction for generations of citizens. A place to mingle, trade, observe developments in art and architecture, to hold a public forum and to protest. Each is unique, but all share a similar purpose.

Dedicated to a few of these amazing places, the four watches in our Urban Square Collection feature a modern look with a natural aesthetic defined by the real wood used in the bezel and band, and accented with a wood or stone dial.

The Cosmos Collection (44 mm)

The Cosmos Collection

A glance into a clear night’s sky begs the contemplation of the mystery of space and the infinite universe. While we remain on earth, meddling amongst ourselves, the stars and their secrets await.

Our Cosmos collection connects natural wood with metallic elements and its namesake should remind you of the awe-inspiring forms, colors, and potential we see in our planet, our solar system, our galaxy, our local galactic group, our local supercluster, and the observable universe.

Four marvelous planets - which one will you wear on your wrist?

The Stairway Collection (43 mm)

The Stairway Collection

Every step taken along the journey to the top offers a different perspective, an opportunity to see where you stand, where you once stood, and where you’re headed as you continue to elevate yourself to new plateaus.

Made of wood and stainless steel, the automatic watches in this collection offer an open-heart view to their mechanical movement behind a sapphire crystal and case back—an elegant reminder that great momentum in life comes from within.

Just keep moving and your watch will do the same - no batteries required.