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Stylish men wear jewelry
We’re revolutionizing the world of men’s jewelry

So that not only women can enjoy our stylish Holzkern jewelry, we now have unique bracelets, necklaces, rings and earrings for men! Totally natural and guaranteed to be as unique as you.

You think jewelry’s not for you? Sure it is. But you’re not sure what suits you best? It’s easy: whatever you feel good in!



Have you already seen our exclusive Bandlets?

Inspired by the linked bracelet designs of our watches, we've created a whole new product range. Holzkern Bandlets combine the natural materials of wood, stone and stainless steel in a unique and innovative style. They are the perfect addition to our watches and jewelry.

Find your own piece of nature from these one-of-a-kind designs!


Our Materials

Naturally, nature plays the main role with our men’s jewelry from Holzkern. Embedded in a robust matrix of stainless steel, there is a core of marble, maple or other distinctive hardwood or stone types.

For us, the forest doesn't just deliver our favorite raw material, it also stands for calm, durability and familiarity. Regardless of whether it’s local tree species like walnut or maple, or exceptional zebrawood or koa, we only use hardwoods of the best quality and origins for our jewelry! The individual wood grains also make your own piece of nature 100% unique.

Stainless Steel
Life’s not always easy. So that not only you, but also your pieces of jewelry, get through the day unscathed, we exclusively use especially robust and sturdy 316L stainless steel for our designs. In order to offer the perfect model for everyone’s unique style, you’ll also find our jewelry in gold, silver and different shades of smoky tones.

In the depths of our Earth, hidden treasures and breathtaking forces lie dormant. Since time immemorial, stone is involved in cycles of formation, immersion, transformation, melting to liquid and solidifying through cooling. The marble, lapis lazuli, and the rare mineral sodalite, used in our jewelry has aged over many millions of years and carries the untamed power of nature in its variety of forms.