Limited Editions

You’re a huge fan of our Special Editions and never want to miss out on our newest limited models again? Then we have the perfect thing for you: All Limited Editions at a glance.
Here, you’ll find all information corresponding to our Limited Editions and will find out which models are still available. Being quick is worth it because our Special Editions are strictly limited to a small number of pieces!

Have fun browsing!


  1. The En Sof Limited Edition (34mm)
  2. The Nubium Limited Edition (42mm)
  3. The Lux Limited Edition (30mm)
  4. The Wassily Limited Edition (40mm)
  5. The Kerala Limited Edition (28mm)
  6. The Night Call Special Edition (45mm)
  7. The Curiosity Special Edition (36mm)
  8. The Olympus Special Edition
  9. The Corretto Limited Edition (45mm)
  10. The Xiphias Limited Edition (42mm)
  11. Lush Special Edition
  12. The Kadu Limited Edition (36mm)