I am drawn back for at least a few days almost every year – Scotland is what I call the New Zealand of Europe. After my first road trip in those days the country devoured me and has not spit me out yet. Therefore my wife and I went to Scotland just last year for 10 days.

Nothing releases the daily stress and decelerates me more than spending a few days in the Scottish Highlands.

As is now the tradition we started the trip via Inverness to Durness to one of Great Britain´s northernmost points. Later we got back south through the Isle of Skye to breathtaking Glen Coe or Glen Etive, which is well-known from the James Bond movie called “Skyfall”. In Scotland´s nature you face a pack of deer every few kilometers and encounter wild sheep even more frequently.

In Scotland there are 10 times as many sheep as there are inhabitants and you seldomly meet anybody on the countryside as most of the citizens live in cities. However, when you meet resindents in the rural area they mostly encounter you with a smile on the face.

A trip to Scotland transports you directly into beautiful and untouched nature. We went there in June and had to determine that winter did not want to leave either – most of the grass was still coloured in brown and the mountains were covered in snow – the Isle of Skye even reminded me of Alaska. You don´t have to travel far to escape our hectic civilization – try it out – it pays off!