When opposites attract

Day and night have always been polar opposites. However, in the moments when these extremes meet, they can create perfect harmony. Twilight is the emerging result of the dance between day and night, a magical moment in which light and shadow create unique colours and reveal to us that when opposites attract, pure beauty can arise.

The same concept can be applied to one’s outfit: anyone can conform to a standard. Here and then, a certain accessory is needed to turn the whole thing into a stunner. This much needed element is the missing key which stands out and harmonises every single item.

That's why our model Marco complements his casual streetwear with the timepiece Twilight. Although at first glance it looks rather chic than roadworthy, made from dark leadwood and gleaming gold, this handsome watch blends unobtrusively into the fashionista's style.

Marco’s fashionable streetwear in combination with Twilight manages to display the mystical bewitchment of twilight - even in the most urban of environments. With every tick of his watch, the polar opposites between fashion and clockwork create perfect emotional and stylistically balance which is bound to turn eyes.

Fotograf: WithLaurent
Blogger: Marco