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The Surface Collection (40mm)

Die Surface Kollektion

Discover our 4 minimalistic designs!
Special Stones – Unique Structures

More about the Surface Collection:

Taking a step back and looking at the world with a new and curious attitude, always helps to realize how many uncharted and mysterious places are still left to be discovered. We are always surrounded by nature whether in parks, hectic cities or the wilderness. You can always find beauty in nature, no matter the place.

Enhanced by excellent stone dials - with our Surface collection - we want to remind you of the various unique surfaces that exist on our planet. We also want to encourage you to go beyond what can be seen and to practice gratitude regularly. Let the Surface timepieces join you on your adventure!

Your very own one-of-a-kind

Surface Kollektion 1 Surface Kollektion 2 Surface Kollektion 3 Surface Kollektion 4