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Maple & Labradorite

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Strictly limited: Only 500 pieces of Continuus (Maple/Labradorite) are available. This makes this Holzkern design a particularly exclusive and unique piece and an absolute insider tip in modern timekeeping.

Discover fine meteorite details on the crown and next to the date display along with the Infinity engraving on the side case. These extraordinary accents in combination with Swiss quality movement make Continuus a timepiece that has earned its premium status.

Only 500 pieces left
EAN: # 9010631017996


Diameter 42mm, made with black maple wood and stainless steel in silver
Genuine blue labradorite with iridescent shimmer and fine meteorite details
Quartz movement, Swiss quality movement from Ronda
Stainless steel in silver with an engraved serial number (1-500)
Adjustable length, made from vegan corn leather in gray (fits on any person's wrist)
Extra Features
Date display
Luminescent (easy to read in the dark)
Infinity Engraving
Manual & further information about the watch

Core Features

Meteorite from outer space

Meteorite from outer space

Every meteorite begins with a shooting star. Meteorites are pieces of rock that land on Earth from space and burn up when they enter the atmosphere. As messengers from outer space, they provide important information about the formation of the solar system and give our unique pieces a very special flair. As meteorites are very rare and often go unrecognized, you will only find them in small quantities at Holzkern, which only enhances the exclusivity of this product.

maple wood

maple wood

Timeless & elegant. Compared to other types of wood, maple wood impresses with its subtle appearance. The fine and even grain, as well as its light coloring give this wood its timeless charm. For certain designs, we dye our maple wood in different colors, usually black.

Exclusive Serial Number

Exclusive Serial Number

We’re continuously trying out new things and always on the lookout for unique ways to make your piece of nature extra special. That's why we also offer limited editions with engraved serial numbers. With our limited edition, you can be sure that your timepiece will be worn by only a few hundred people worldwide.
Get your unique piece of nature while it's available!

Luminous Hands & Marks

You can always rely on our timepieces with luminescent hands and marks!
Special pigments absorb UV and artificial light and make the dial glow. This way, your piece of nature is not only a great companion to you during the day, but also during nighttime, helping you always get the time right, even in the dark.
The more time you spend in the sun, the brighter your watch will shine at night!