Derivate Necklace

Zebrawood & Black

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The derivative of a function tells us the slope at any point on a graph. If the slope is zero, we know that there is a high, low, or inflection point.

No matter what intercept you're at, our Derivate necklace won't leave your side! For this model, we've chosen uniquely grained zebrawood, covered with an innovative resin coating so wood lovers don’t no longer have to worry about raindrops or splashes! In combination with high-quality stainless steel, these pieces of jewelry are created in a way that could not be more unique. See for yourself!

EAN: # 9010631016081


Size: 8x38mm

Length: 500-550mm (adjustable)

Material: 316L stainless steel in black and genuine zebrawood



Core Features

Hydro-Defense Technology

Our HydroDef technology takes the resilience of natural materials to the next level. By means of a special resin coating, exposed elements of natural materials are significantly better protected from weather conditions (especially water).
Hydro-Def makes your piece of nature a faithful companion for all-purpose wear!



Exotic wood with character. Zebrawood is a unique and incredibly beautiful type of wood. It owes its name to the special striped pattern, which makes our accessories extravagant eye-catchers. The wood comes from the tropical rainforests of West Africa, and we only use FSC-certified wood for our products.

Perfect for Sets

Perfect for Sets

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