Endless Sea

Leadwood & Sodalite

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NOW: Discover our model "Endless Sea" made with unique natural materials and a diameter of 32mm - fits perfectly on any female wrist!

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Longing for the sea.

The sea touches all your senses and makes you forget everyday life completely. The salty smell in your nose, the view of the shiny blue water and the gentle sound of the waves in your ears. The sea gives you a feeling of security.

Bring nature to your side with our timepiece made of precious leadwood and blue sodalite. Be inspired to take a little time out every day and spend a few moments by the sea. Your escape for more energy in everyday life!

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EAN: # 9010631000158


32mm diameter, made of stainless steel with a brushed gray finish.
Genuine blue sodalite
Citizen quartz movement
Adjustable size bracelet made of leadwood and stainless steel in brushed gray (fits any female wrist)
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Core Features

Metal-Core Technology

Metal-Core Technology

Our Metal-Core technology has been especially developed in order to make our watch constructions with natural materials even more durable. With timepieces that have this special type of construction, the clockwork is encased in an airtight metal jacket that guarantees a waterproofness of up to 5ATM.
We thereby unify the best of two worlds: natural diversity of materials & the longevity of our designs.



Pure elegance for eternity. The grain of leadwood runs unobtrusively through the entire wood and gives this raw material a particularly elegant appearance. Leadwood also impresses with its high density and associated stability. A robust material that promises our natural products a particularly long lifespan and timeless appearance.



As radiantly beautiful as the ocean. The interplay of intense blue, light blue, white and black gives sodalite its breathtaking appearance. The mineral was first discovered in Greenland in 1811 and has developed into a popular gemstone in recent decades. We also love this stone in all of its blue shades and patterns. The perfect material to give our watches and pieces of jewelry a unique look.