Fire (Mahogany/Cherrywood)

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Mahagony and cherrywood form a timepiece as spirited as its namesake. Not only is it lightweight, the slender shape and harmonizing colors featured in our ladies' watch even emphasize the beauty of this unique design. 

Nothing is quite as captivating as a fire's radiant glow. The seemingly random rhythm of the fire's crackle brings us to a deep, hypnotic trance as we gaze deep into its flames. A group will fall silent in front of a campfire and our minds wander as they always have. As the flames dance on, the percussive sound of the fire begins to soften and slow. A mind once chaotic at the fire's start is now oddly calm, pensive, and still.


  • Case: 32mm diameter, made of mahogany
  • Dial: Cherrywood with a fine texture
  • Movement: Quartz movement by Citizen
  • Band: 16mm width, adjustable length, made of mahogany

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