Gaudí (Walnut/Walnut)

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The popular city of Barcelona boasts the magnificent buildings from a master builder and architect whose natural style is embedded in the city itself: Antoni Gaudí.

Like Gaudí, we take our inspiration from nature. This rectangular watch, made from warm walnut wood, seeks to harmoniously combine function and form into the perfect piece of nature.


  • Case: Dimensions 36x41mm, made from stainless steel in silver
  • Dial: Fine-grained walnut
  • Movement: Quartz movement by Citizen
  • Wristband: Adjustable wristband, made from walnut and stainless steel in silver (fits on every female or male wrist)

This model has been in high demand recently and is not in stock at this time.
All of our products are manufactured in small batches to ensure as much variety as possible for our customers.

The good news: This model will be continued in another production series.
To reserve a model from the upcoming production series you can pre-order it now.

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