Cat's Eye & Walnut

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Gray stainless steel, green cat's eye, brown walnut wood - our watch Adrenin is inspired by the sporty cocktail of adrenaline, dopamine and endorphins. Set daily records with a timepiece like this one!

Every muscle is tense, concentration is at its highest and all energy reserves are activated. As if you were in a daze, you cross the finish line and feel simply invincible.

EAN: # 9010631016005


42mm diameter, made from stainless steel in black
Genuine cat eye
Citizen automatic movement (running time 42 hours)
Adjustable length, made from genuine walnut wood and stainless steel in black (fits any wrist)
Sapphire glass
Water-resistant up to 10 ATM thanks to Hydro-Defense Technology
Manual & further information about the watch

Core Features

Hydro-Defense Technology

Our HydroDef technology takes the resilience of natural materials to the next level. By means of a special resin coating, exposed elements of natural materials are significantly better protected from weather conditions (especially water).
Hydro-Def makes your piece of nature a faithful companion for all-purpose wear!



We know that it’s what is on the inside that counts - and that those values can also be really impressive! Models with a see-through caseback enable a unique view into the internal clockwork heart of your piece of nature. Particularly with our automatic models, your watch is equally impressive from the front side as well as from the back.

Automatic Movement

Automatic watch movements represent the original and traditional functionality of wristwatches. This technology makes use of gravity and transforms the motion of your arm into energy to wind up your timepiece.
So that your automatic watch keeps running when it’s kept still, it features a power reserve with which it will keep running for 35-60 hours, depending on the type of inbuilt clockwork you have.
Stay in motion and your watch will do the same!