Swiss quality movement meets unique Holzkern design

Only 500 pieces left

We are unstoppable! This unique Limited Edition with Swiss quality movement, an Infinity engraving and meteorite details is celebrating our 8th birthday.

Let yourself be reminded of the infinite possibilities that the world offers you. Follow your passion - nothing and nobody can stop you!

Swiss quality

Swiss movements enjoy the best international reputation and stand for the highest quality and precision. Tradition paired with constant innovation is the best recipe for success.

Our Birthday Limited Edition Continuus is powered by renowned Ronda movement. Discover the very first Holzkern watch with Swiss movement and secure one of our most exclusive wristwatches!

A greeting from outer space

There is hardly anything that makes people feel smaller than the thought of the endless vastness of space. On the other hand, there is no stronger symbol of the infinite possibilities that await us!

Discover the fine details of meteorite - the rock from outer space - as well as a unique Infinity engraving in your Continuus Limited Edition. A reminder of the infinite possibilities that life gives you every day.

Secure now: Strictly limited to 500 pieces!

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Strictly limited: Only 500 pieces of Continuus (Maple/Labradorite) are available. This makes this Holzkern design a particularly exclusive and unique piece and an absolute insider tip in modern timekeeping.

Discover fine meteorite details on the crown and next to the date display along with the Infinity engraving on the side case. These extraordinary accents in combination with Swiss quality movement make Continuus a timepiece that has earned its premium status.

Only 500 pieces left

NOW: Our unique Limited Edition with Swiss quality movement and Infinity engraving. Discover the material combination of wood, stone, stainless steel and corn leather and secure 1 of 500 unique pieces from the Continuus Limited Edition to mark our 8th birthday.

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