We have an enormous selection of unique watches, Bandlets and jewelry made from the best natural materials that this Earth has to offer. A conscious responsibility for sustainable practices and the preservation of nature plays a pivotal role in our company.

We guarantee that we do our utmost to offer the greatest possible contribution toward the environment, and we are constantly working to expand and maximize our positive influence.

The long life of Holzkern products is an essential factor when it comes to improving our environmental impact, which is why quality is of the highest priority in our selection of sustainable materials. Given the correct use and care, all of our unique models will accompany you for many years to come.

Holzkern's Wood

Wood is without a doubt the most important material at Holzkern. We love it for its modest simplicity and incredible diversity. In addition to its high wearing comfort, it also delivers countless design possibilities. For the creation of our more than 800 different models, we use highest quality hardwoods from various regions worldwide. Each type of wood has its own special color, structure and beauty. Being a renewable resource, wood offers excellent ecological sustainability. Here’s something a lot of people don’t know: Since the founding of our company, with every watch sold, we invest in reforestation projects. This way, together with you and our partners, we can ensure that this money also contributes to climate protection.

Marble, Nacre, Lapis Lazuli …

We combine our highest-quality hardwoods with precious natural materials such as marble or nacre. We undertake the greatest effort to select the most beautiful and colorful stone types for you, from various regions worldwide. Just like with our hardwoods, the stones we use are also distinctively unique, each thanks to its own individual structure and marbling. We also utilize even more natural materials for our designs in order to bring more color and diversity into our products. So that surely the perfect piece of nature is also there for you.

Why do we use Stainless Steel?

The most noticeable feature of a Holzkern timepiece is the use of natural materials that lend each model its singularly unique appearance. Despite this, we also allow stainless steel elements to be incorporated into our designs.
Metal is a superb material that greatly increases the possibilities when it comes to creating our wide variety of models. Additionally, it possesses characteristics that make our constructions even more stable, robust and long-lived.
We exclusively use 316L stainless steel, which offers very high skin compatibility. This is then ion-plated with a proven method whereby various color tones can be implemented. This way, we can guarantee that the coloring, and therefore your own personal timepiece, provides you with joy for a long time.

Wood Care

Holzkern Watches and Bandlets are all made fromd natural types of wood, they therefore lose some of their natural color over time, displaying more of a matt color tone.
Here, you’ll find all kinds of accessories to treat the materials like wood and stone that are built into your piece of nature and make them shine.


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