Marble: timeless elegance

Marble is one of the most luxurious natural stones and has a long history as a versatile building material. The name "marble" comes from the Greek word "mármaros", which means "shining stone". White Carrara and Nero Portoro are two of the best known types of marble, which are often used in jewelry and watches. White Carrara, from the town of the same name in Italy, is known for its distinctive gray veins on a white surface. Nero Portoro is an elegant black marble.

What we love about marble

Marble is characterized by its high density and hardness, which makes it more resistant to scratches than other stones and materials. It’s ideal for making accessories you wear every day.

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With its distinct grain and coloring, marble provides a particularly aesthetic appearance that makes any jewelry a very special statement piece.

History and symbolism

Marble was widely used in ancient Greek and Roman art, particularly for sculptures and architecture. It was often associated with wealth and elegance and served as a status symbol for the rich and powerful.

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Marble is also said to have spiritual properties. It’s often used in yoga and meditation for its calming effect. It’s also a symbol of strength and is said to give its wearers the ability to master any challenges.

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