Walnut wood: elegant & durable

Walnut is a hardwood that has been used and prized for centuries for its attractive grain and durability. The walnut wood we use to create our accessories comes primarily from North America and is 100% FSC-certified. It’s one of the most valuable hardwoods because it’s so versatile.

What we love about walnut wood

Different characteristics make walnut wood one of our favorite materials for making watches, jewelry, sunglasses and handbags. The most obvious one is, of course, its pleasing aesthetic. The walnut wood color palette ranges from chocolate brown to almost black purplish brown. Combined with its distinct grain, it becomes an obvious eye-catcher.

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But don’t be fooled, its advantages are not limited to its appearance only. Thanks to the high density of walnut wood, it’s not only suitable for intricate carvings but is also strong, stable and hardly splinters. Thanks to its natural oils, the wood is protected from scratches and damage that may occur through everyday wear. To be on the safe side, we also apply a layer of clear natural varnish on the wooden elements of our products to ensure their durability!

History and symbolism

Walnut was considered "food of the gods" in ancient Greece. It’s no surprise that walnut wood was a particularly popular material in making luxury products, like furniture.

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Other cultures also attributed divine properties to the walnut tree. Among the indigenous peoples of the Americas, walnut stood for focus and clarity, while in Chinese tradition it was considered a symbol of intelligence and wisdom. In Europe, it stood for fertility and integrity. Although the meaning and use varies in different cultures, one thing is true: walnut is valued for its beauty, longevity and ease of use.

Discover our unique pieces made from walnut wood and find your personal piece of nature: