Zebrawood: exotic & bold

Zebrawood is a unique and incredibly beautiful type of wood that has gained enormous popularity in recent years. Dark brown veins on a light core, hence the very appropriate name: Zebrawood. It comes from the tropical rainforests in West Africa. At Holzkern, we only use FSC-certified wood to create our unique accessories.

What we love about zebrawood

In addition to its unique look, this hardwood also has great texture. Its density and elasticity make it a striking material for making accessories. On top of that, it’s highly weather and water-resistant.

History and symbolism

Zebrawood was used by ancient Egyptians for making furniture and decorative objects. In the 2000s, it was widely used in car interior designs and guitars.

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In many cultures, zebrawood represents durability, harmony and strength. It’s also associated with change and progress.

Discover our unique pieces made from zebrawood and find your personal piece of nature: